Experience design: a look back at 2018, and to the future

by Webcredible on 21 December 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, it's a great excuse to take stock of 'what just happened'. We've canvassed thoughts from around the office: getting a view on the year just gone as well as a look at the crystal ball for 2019.

Maya Stanford, Senior Experience Consultant, Webcredible

How did the way you work change in 2018?
At Webcredible we're always integrating new tools and technology into our processes. We've had great success following some new lab set ups at our offices. These have leant themselves to the voice user interface (VUI) testing we're doing. It's great to know you're working somewhere that's leading the UX industry in emerging tech user research.

What did you learn/what surprised you?
We've seen a huge level of interest from senior executives and company leaders wanting to know more about VUIs, even above what I expected.
Hosting and attending events has demonstrated just how much of an industry interest there is in voice - and the common concern about not being "left behind'' as these develop and become more mass market.

What do you personally want to learn in 2019?
I'm looking forward to iterating on our processes and do more work on VUI as the industry offering becomes more mature. Right now some of what we want to do in VUI isn't possible to implement, but as the field develops this will come to fruition soon.
I'm also keen to streamline our process from guerrilla research to in-lab user research, which will allow us to roll out to customers and clients more quickly.

Andy Ingle, Experience Director, Webcredible

How did the way you work change in 2018?
I've stopped using email! We have finally embraced Slack at Webcredible and it's been a massive improvement in productivity.

What did you learn/what surprised you?
I'm always pleasantly surprised by how many great people work in this industry. I have the pleasure of working alongside some very smart clients with whom I get to do some really interesting work.

What do you personally want to learn in 2019?
Personally, I always like to keep abreast of new tech developments. In 2019 I'll be really interested to see how helper apps develop on mobile devices and how they can make customer experiences even easier.

Daria Lanz, Senior Experience Consultant, Webcredible

How did the way you work change in 2018?
This year I've taken on a more senior role, so my workflow has changed from doing the doing, to doing way more planning, scoping, and leading. Thanks to our flat hierarchical structure at Webcredible, I've still been able to do a lot of the 'doing' which I love, but I've really enjoyed the more strategic level of thinking involved with leading projects and a team.

What did you learn/what surprised you?
I've realised I intuitively do a lot of things, and it was a challenge to figure out how to articulate and execute what's in my head to members of the team. I've had to hone in my process in order to lead the project to success effectively, while still maintaining creative flexibility and freedom for everyone on the team so they can contribute in their own way.

What do you personally want to learn in 2019?
In 2019 I'd love to play with more tech and break free from the traditional screen – be it IoT, wearables, or AR. I think it would be super cool to design an experience that moves through a physical space, and stimulates multiple senses for a heightened experience.

Olena Bulygina, UX Consultant, Webcredible

How did the way you work change in 2018?
In 2018 I was very lucky to do user research and testing with innovative mediums and technologies, like Virtual Reality and voice user interfaces (VUI). Going beyond the screens and mobile apps and operating within the constraints of innovative tech that might not be there yet - this helped me become a better researcher.

What did you learn/what surprised you?
To me, it's all about process of constantly learning from people around me: both Webcredible colleagues and clients alike.

What do you personally want to learn in 2019?
The tactical goal for 2019 would be to become comfortable with FramerX to deliver better interactive prototypes, whereas the larger one would be to explore more in-depth VUI user testing and, potentially, come up with robust framework for that.

So how was the year for you from an experience design angle? Share your answers to our questions in the comments below.

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