Webcredible is now part of Inviqa

by Trenton Moss on 10 July 2018

After 15 years as an independent experience design agency, I'm super-excited to announce a new chapter in Webcredible's journey... We're now part of Inviqa, an awesome 200-person agency specialising in software development.

Why are we doing this?

2 years ago we took the strategic decision that we needed to have software development (or dev as I'll refer to it from now on) as part of our offering as:

  • We were more and more setting ourselves up in multi-disciplinary product teams with UXers, designers and developers working alongside each other (so UX was no longer a standalone activity)
  • We could really improve our ways of working - designing straight in the browser, innovating through tech etc.
  • Our clients were telling us they needed more, especially the ability to code - brands need to launch products at pace and we couldn't adequately support this without dev

We spent a year or so trialling different ways of incorporating a dev offering, eventually concluding that (a) partnering; (b) acquiring; and (c) building our own capability weren't the right ways forward. We realised that for our business to thrive long-term we needed to become part of something larger.

We’ll represent one joined-up offering for business & change consulting, experience design and software development

Why Inviqa?

Once we decided that we should become part of a larger entity, we went out looking for one! We met with lots of different types of agencies and consultancies, whittling it down to a final 3. The standout agency throughout the process was Inviqa because:

  • Like us, their culture is key and is very aligned to ours. They invest hugely in their people, making sure they're able to learn and develop, have a great career and work in a supportive and collaborative environment
  • They have some amazing clients, many of whom need help with research and design and it will be great to start working with some of these businesses
  • Dev is at their core but they've also developed a business consulting arm, something else which really complements and builds on our proposition
  • With 200 people, we felt this was large enough to complement our experience design offering but small enough that we could have impact

So in the end it was a really easy decision! We've worked so hard to create and maintain our amazing culture of collaboration, trust and empowerment, and we know that with Inviqa this is going to be nurtured and maintained.

From a random idea to an amazing new business

I started Webcredible 15 years ago, by myself, with no money, no office, no clients, no contacts... Back then we were one of the very first specialist experience design agencies and we had to fight for sign-off for relatively small budgets. UX was niche, although being customer-centred seemed to make total sense to me.

Fast forward 15 years and UX has gone truly mainstream and is talked about right up at board-level. It's been amazing to be part of this change and I'm so proud of how we've contributed to making it happen. We've had so many brilliant Fellow Webcredibles that have been part of this journey and I've learnt so much from each and every one of them.

So now our next chapter begins and our very exciting future is with the Inviqa family. In the short-term, the Webcredible brand will remain and we'll stay in our offices, continuing to grow the centre of excellence in experience design that we currently are. In 2019 we'll then move in together and fully integrate into Inviqa – which is where the true value in this comes about.

Together with Inviqa, we'll represent one joined-up offering for business & change consulting, experience design and software development. That's the vision and if we achieve this we'll have a really unique and very compelling proposition. And one that I'm super-excited about.

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