Heathrow Express

Customer experience on-track

We defined the overall experience for Heathrow Express customers around disruptions, optimising the service for all customers across digital and non-digital.

The challenge

Heathrow Express runs frequent, reliable services that are known to be swift and convenient. As a result, customers don't generally see the need to plan their journeys.

This creates problems for Heathrow Express when they have to inform customers of amended timetables and service updates before they travel.

The main objectives were to:

  • Re-design their timetable, service updates and terminal connections information across desktop and mobile
  • Recommend a new model of presenting such information to encourage better adoption
  • Improve the user experience and accessibility of Heathrow Express service information across all their channels – both online and offline

Webcredible came up with an innovative research approach that gave us valuable insight into user needs. The team were great to work with and the deliverables were spot on.

Rav Seehra

Digital Manager, Heathrow Express

Our approach

After our initial research findings we redefined the project approach to be that of multichannel service design, ensuring an optimal end-to-end customer experience:?

  1. We began by running co-design workshops with the client to flesh out new design concepts and incorporate their business goals.

  2. We then carried out research in context, with passengers travelling on the Heathrow Express. We tested initial design concepts and asked people how they plan their travel. It became apparent very quickly that customers didn't see the need to check train times or timetables before they travel as "the next train will only be 15 minutes away".

  3. Based on our research, we redefined the client brief and took a service design approach. We?mapped out end-to-end customer journeys and made recommendations around how all digital and non-digital touchpoints should feed into the overall customer experience.

  4. We also designed and created desktop and mobile prototypes for presenting timetables and service information across the Heathrow Express digital platforms. We carried out user testing on the prototypes with end users and made iterations.?

  5. Ultimately we crafted customer journey maps to integrate digital and offline channels, and delivered prototypes for new mobile and desktop sites.

Outputs from a collaborative sketching workshop

An early iteration of the customer journey map

Impact & results

Our flexibility in re-defining the original brief and upfront user research helped the client to realise the importance of creating a hybrid solution to their design challenge, integrating varied channels and media.

Equipped with a comprehensive view of customer journeys, Heathrow Express integrated our digital solutions into their operational processes. Our work has had powerful impact in changing their customers' behaviour when it comes to checking service information before travel.

  • Our journey maps compared the existing and ideal customer journeys
  • For users, being able to easily find information on mobile devices was very important
  • Our journey maps compared the existing and ideal customer journeys

  • For users, being able to easily find information on mobile devices was very important

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