Re-envisioning holiday planning

We worked with to reposition their business, helping their users plan holidays more easily with friends and families.

The challenge wanted to better address their users' core need of planning a holiday, providing a new service to help users in the next step of their decision-making journey – comparing options in a group and deciding on a final itinerary to book.

They wanted to compete with social media and messaging apps such as WhatsApp, which users were using to send links and plan group holidays.

Our objectives were to:

  • Help provide a strategic new service, aimed at becoming a part of the holiday-planning user journey
  • Help the team to deliver this new service on mobile, the primary channel for users planning group holidays


Travel & Tourism

What we did

We were able to test an exciting combination of new and existing features, shaping the app throughout its development

Chi Chung Tsang

Senior Experience Consultant, Webcredible

Our approach

We ran an ongoing program of research, based around design and development sprints and always in line with the overarching customer experience strategy:

  1. We agreed a design and research plan for creating the new app, that would allow users to plan holidays more easily. Its features included saving potential itineraries and allowing users to share them and vote/comment on them in travel groups.
  2. We worked in Agile design and development sprints, running guerrilla usability testing with participants every two weeks. The research sessions involved us testing prototypes and versions of the final app.
  3. Our research fed directly into the app's core functionality. For example, a feature to allow users to filter their search results before being listed was eventually scrapped, as users felt uncertainty about how this would affect their final holiday option results.
  4. We also ran focus group sessions, getting feedback on 'big picture ideas' around holiday planning. These looked at ideas like how users used chat apps and social media, and what shortcomings they found in using those existing tools.

Impact & results

The new app has launched and has continued to receive 5-star rating from users. It ties in really well with their traditional website presence, making it easy for users to book their dream holiday.

  • The new app allows users to plan holidays on the go
  • Users can now plan with friends and family, as well as rate and comment on their options
  • The new app allows users to plan holidays on the go

  • Users can now plan with friends and family, as well as rate and comment on their options

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