Making voice experiences part of your digital strategy

This event is now fully booked, but you may be interested in our Designing for voice report.

Voice interactions are here, and are going to become an integral part of everyday life. So how do you get started with bringing voice into your digital strategy?

Attendees will:

  • Understand the strategic opportunities around voice experience?(Amazon Alexa, Google Home etc.)
  • Get access to our research on the use of voice assistants in the UK (we'll give you a copy of our 'Designing for Voice' report)
  • Learn the design, technical principles and required team structure behind building successful voice experiences and interactions
  • Come up with concrete ideas for a voice experience for your customers



2019 event TBC

London Bridge

  • Learn new ideas and ways of doing things from our experts

  • Meet new people facing similar challenges to you

  • Enjoy our delicious food and range of drinks

  • Take part in engaging & interactive sessions


We've got a jam-packed morning with fantastic speakers and a workshop, so you can apply your learnings back to your organisation:?

  • 08:30-09:00 - Arrival & light breakfast
  • 09:00-09:30 -?Give your vision a voice with Alexa
    - Albert Creixell, EU Head of Alexa Partnerships at Amazon Albert will tell you all about why you should be investing in voice, the features available with Alexa (many of which you likely won't know about), what makes a great skill and how to get started with the Alexa Skills Kit and Voice Services.
  • 09:30-10:00 -?Experience design for voice?
    - Alex Baxevanis, Experience Director at Webcredible Alex will share the findings from our recent UK-wide research on voice, how to choose a good use case, how people are using voice assistants in real life and how to design a successful voice experience.
  • 10:00-11:30 -?Interactive workshop: Get started with voice
    We'll break out into small groups so you can work with us (and each other) to define use cases and what user problems you could be solving, as well as create a high-level voice experience journey for your brand.
  • 11:30-12:00 - Setting yourself up to deploy voice
    - Richard Jones, CTO at InviqaRichard will explain how to set up your team to match your ambition in voice. He'll help you take a look at what you're trying to achieve and the current tech considerations, talking through the options and how they relate to your existing tech teams.?
  • 12:00-12:30 - Giving our customers a voice?
    - James Noon, Senior Digital Technologist at Virgin Trains; Maya Stanford, Senior Consultant at Webcredible James and Maya will talk about our journey of launching the Virgin Trains Alexa Skill, from initial user research through to journey mapping, defining the roadmap and initial launch.?
  • 12:30-1:00 - Wrap up & lunch

2019 event date TBC.

Learn from expert speakers...

Albert Creixell, EU Head of Alexa Partnerships at Amazon

Albert works for Amazon, helping to drive the adoption of Alexa across Europe. He’s at the forefront of what’s happening in Voice, with a full understanding of the current and future capabilities of Alexa and which brands are making the most out of the platform.

Alex Baxevanis, Experience Director at Webcredible

Alex is a designer and technologist who creates impactful work. He gets excited about what modern technologies can do and wants to harness them to achieve customer and business goals. At Webcredible, he's experimented and built apps for every emerging platform, from Apple Watch to Augmented Reality. He's advised clients on voice strategy and led a UK-wide survey of voice assistant usage.

Richard Jones, CTO at Inviqa

Richard oversees large-scale digital projects to ensure outcomes support business goals and drive innovation. A regular keynote speaker, Richard is an authority on digital transformation, personalisation, and the future of content delivery.

James Noon, Senior Digital Technologist at Virgin Trains

James has over 15 years’ experience in multi-platform development, working for large brands and his own start-ups. At Virgin Trains he heads up the digital innovation team, leading the development of its Alexa Skill. He is passionate about harnessing technology to deliver intuitive experiences that empower people and businesses.

Maya Stanford, Senior Consultant at Webcredible

Maya is a designer and problem solver who transforms ideas into consumer-wowing products and services. An alumna of Silicon Valley’s Singularity University, she joined Webcredible from American Express, where she led a UX & Innovation Lab team. As part of Webcredible she works on every touchpoint of customer experiences, from web interfaces to chat and voice UIs, with brands such as Virgin Trains, Amazon and UBS.

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