Accelerate.?We design to re-imagine and optimise digital (& non-digital) experiences

We create stunning customer-centred designs that drive amazing experiences

  • We do lots of sketching to generate numerous design ideas

  • We work on-site a lot, taking you on the design journey

  • We work in a fast and agile way, without compromising on quality

  • We build prototypes to use for usability testing

How we accelerate

Before doing any designing, we'll go through our Investigate process, which will help us to understand your business and its users.

We then work very collaboratively with you so?that structural and design elements are optimised around your customers'?behaviours and?needs:

  1. Information architecture
    We'll make sure the information on your site is categorised effectively, and create user journeys, a site map and page structures to provide the best possible experience for your customers.

  2. Design exploration & innovation
    Working alongside you, we'll rapidly create a large number of design sketches for a variety of channels. We'll simply use pencil, paper and whiteboards to very quickly develop and continually iterate a range of ideas.

  3. UI design
    We'll go on to create wireframes, visual design templates, interactions and front-end code for key page templates and user journeys, to deliver a strong design theme with a consistent experience.

  4. Validate & iterate
    We validate our assumptions throughout the design process with ongoing usability testing, making changes iteratively based on user feedback and your business goals.

SCRUX: Our unique approach to design

We blend the best of Agile and lean UX to move incredibly quickly whilst taking you on the design journey with us:

  • We break our design work down into 2-weekly sprints, with each sprint involving us sketching out ideas, designing visual elements, creating design prototypes and running usability testing.
  • We line up our sprints with the development sprints so the technical build can run concurrently, one sprint behind us.
  • For each sprint, we'll run in-depth planning and review sessions, as well as daily stand-ups which you can attend. We use a sprint board to manage and prioritise the work, to which you can submit additional requests.

Read more about SCRUX

The work Webcredible did was excellent. They gathered unparalleled insight into our users and used it to build a customer experience strategy and website that have exceeded our expectations

Harry Mann

Digital Lead, Brompton

Accelerate: What you'll get

Our design philosophy is one of collaboration & speed, so our clients enjoy a set-up that includes:

  • You coming on the design journey with us, enabling all key stakeholders to buy-in to our deliverables
  • A 'war room' at your offices to allow us to work very closely with you and technical teams
  • Lots of collaboration so we can progress very quickly (as opposed to creating our designs in isolation and then seeking your feedback on completed designs)
  • Working alongside technical teams throughout, to ensure technical feasibility?

Ultimately we'll deliver design experiences that work and uphold the very best in user experience and interaction.

Like what you see?

How exciting, let's get started

Our end-to-end UX process

  • Cultivate

    We transform businesses to embed innovation and customer-centred thinking

  • Investigate

    We carry out research to understand your customer needs

  • Innovate

    We disrupt industries with new digital products and ways of working

  • Accelerate

    We design to re-imagine and optimise digital (& non-digital) experiences

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Tools we use to accelerate

We design to re-imagine and optimise digital (& non-digital) experiences

Are we right for each other?

  • We'll set you up for a digital world We innovate, do training, change cultures, and design products and services to transform business performance

  • We spend a lot of time with your customers We use insight to drive all decision-making, helping you build deep and meaningful customer relationships

  • Collaboration is in our DNA We’ll take you on the journey with us, collaborating throughout to gain the highest levels of stakeholder buy-in

  • We'll get you from A-B, fast Our heritage as a UX agency enables us to work in an agile way, facilitating rapid innovation and problem solving

  • We really know what we’re doing We've been doing experience design, UX, service design and digital transformation for ages, before they became buzz words

Don't take our word for it, see how we accelerate in action

  • Dulux

    Multi-award winning augmented reality app helps sales increase by 65%

  • Brompton

    User-centred website redesign drives international growth for iconic brand


    Complete redesign leads to massive efficiency improvements

  • Museum of London

    Strategic redesign of online presence to help the museum "inspire a passion for London"

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