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Digital innovation & new product development

The creation of digital products that solve customer problems and transform your interactions with them

Why do we do digital innovation & new product development?

We help to create transformative digital products:

  • Our clients are always looking for new ways to add value to their customers, beyond just pushing out marketing messages?
  • Digital gives you the chance to engage with customers in new and engaging ways - and we love coming up with ideas to get you there
  • New digital products help excite and invigorate organisations, and help you on your way to digital transformation

What does digital innovation involve?

We'll spend a lot of time getting to know you and your customers first, making sure that we fully understand your business goals and customer needs:?

  1. We'll pinpoint your customers' pain points and problems and?collaboratively write up a challenge statement, defining the problem we're trying to solve/innovate around

  2. We'll go on to run a series of very structured and interactive workshops with you, creating lots of ideas for how we can fulfil on the challenge statement

  3. We'll flesh out our many ideas and carry out research with your customers to validate and refine these accordingly

  4. We'll further develop our remaining ideas before running more customer research to finalise the best direction for your new digital product

Digital innovation & new product development

Our innovation workshops are really hard work and exhausting for everyone involved... but well worth it given the incredible ideas we develop for solving real customer problems.

Alex Baxevanis

Experience Lead, Webcredible

When is the best time to do it?

Digital innovation and new product development should ideally be embedded into your culture of continuous improvement (we can help you develop this culture). It should be an on-going process where the only thing that limits you is the time it takes to bring new products to market.?

Like what you see?

How exciting, let's get started

Our end-to-end UX process

  • Cultivate

    We transform businesses to embed innovation and customer-centred thinking

  • Investigate

    We carry out research to understand your customer needs

  • Innovate

    We disrupt industries with new digital products and ways of working

    You are here

  • Accelerate

    We design to re-imagine and optimise digital (& non-digital) experiences

Tools we use to innovate

We disrupt industries with new digital products and ways of working

Are we right for each other?

  • We'll set you up for a digital world We innovate, do training, change cultures, and design products and services to transform business performance

  • We spend a lot of time with your customers We use insight to drive all decision-making, helping you build deep and meaningful customer relationships

  • Collaboration is in our DNA We’ll take you on the journey with us, collaborating throughout to gain the highest levels of stakeholder buy-in

  • We'll get you from A-B, fast Our heritage as a UX agency enables us to work in an agile way, facilitating rapid innovation and problem solving

  • We really know what we’re doing We've been doing experience design, UX, service design and digital transformation for ages, before they became buzz words

Don't take our word for it, see how we innovate in action

  • Dulux

    Multi-award winning augmented reality app helps sales increase by 65%

  • Public Health England

    Service design to integrate health apps into the NHS, changing how care is delivered nationwide

  • Charities Aid Foundation

    End-to-end redesign of white label donation service leads to large increase in donations

  • Weatherbys Bank

    Redesign and build of a modern online banking platform, in line with the digital vision

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