Detailed insights into real-time behaviour and feelings, recorded as they occur

Why do we do diary studies?

Diary studies deliver:

  • Rich, real-time data from real people while they're going about their day-to-day lives
  • Research in context with users not having to recall decision-making, actions, feelings or thoughts
  • Unlocked hidden nuances in user behaviour that make up more informed customer journeys

We're experts in analysing the diary study outputs to provide an insightful and precise understanding of your customers' underlying needs.

What does a typical diary study involve?

Diary studies are directed at a specific area or task type to accurately understand your customers' behaviour as it occurs. We keep participants engaged with their diary so the content is as detailed and constant as possible.

The main steps we take when conducting diary studies are:

  1. We recruit participants typical of your target audiences and work with them throughout the diary period, either digitally or on paper

  2. Participants return their diary to us and we perform expert analysis on the content, seeking out patterns and mind-mapping findings in detail

  3. Diary studies are always followed up by in-depth interviews, which we conduct to gain further clarity and detail on the results

  4. We may also run online surveys after diary studies to validate the findings quantitatively over a larger sample size.

Diary studies

A diary study is a great way of getting real-time insight from your customers. People capture their attitudes and behaviours just as they happen.

Isabel Santafe

Head of Research, Webcredible

When is the best time to do diary studies?

There are a number of ways to capture diary studies, including private blog, email, Evernote, Twitter, YouTube or good old fashioned paper.?

We analyse the findings and pull them into a customer experience strategy and recommendations for your digital platforms. The findings are also combined with?target market research, analytics analysis and/or other qualitative research we may carry out.

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Our end-to-end UX process

  • Cultivate

    We transform businesses to embed innovation and customer-centred thinking

  • Investigate

    We carry out research to understand your customer needs

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  • Innovate

    We disrupt industries with new digital products and ways of working

  • Accelerate

    We design to re-imagine and optimise digital (& non-digital) experiences

Tools we use to investigate

We carry out research to understand your customer needs

  • Usability testing

    One-to-one research to understand how end users actually interact with your digital touchpoints

  • Google Analytics & data analysis

    Insight to highlight how users are interacting with your website and digital touchpoints

  • Market & competitor research

    Research and analysis into the external factors that affect your organisation

  • In-depth interviews

    One-to-one discussions to get truly inside your customers' minds

  • Diary studies

    Detailed insights into real-time behaviour and feelings, recorded as they occur

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  • Focus group research

    Facilitated group sessions to understand your customers' thoughts and behaviours

  • Guerrilla research

    Faster, cheaper and less formal research with customers wherever they might be

  • Card sorting

    Research method to organise the content and navigation of digital touchpoints

  • Ethnography

    Shadowing your audiences in their natural environment to gain in-context insights

  • Personas

    Fictional characters typical of your target audiences and based on research findings

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  • We'll set you up for a digital world We innovate, do training, change cultures, and design products and services to transform business performance

  • We spend a lot of time with your customers We use insight to drive all decision-making, helping you build deep and meaningful customer relationships

  • Collaboration is in our DNA We’ll take you on the journey with us, collaborating throughout to gain the highest levels of stakeholder buy-in

  • We'll get you from A-B, fast Our heritage as a UX agency enables us to work in an agile way, facilitating rapid innovation and problem solving

  • We really know what we’re doing We've been doing experience design, UX, service design and digital transformation for ages, before they became buzz words

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  • SSE

    User experience partnership shapes rapid digital transformation

  • Dulux

    Multi-award winning augmented reality app helps sales increase by 65%

  • Public Health England

    Service design to integrate health apps into the NHS, changing how care is delivered nationwide


    Ongoing program of research to help users more easily plan holidays

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