Soft skills training?for designers

Career success beyond just the craft

Why are some people so easy to work with? What are the characteristics they exhibit? Soft skills are perhaps the most important thing designers can learn as they can often make the difference between failure and success.

Our hands-on, one-day course will help you and your team learn the skills needed to succeed in your role, making you a valued (and valuable) member of your team. The day will be led by one of our consultants who will share real-world insights based on their own and our collective experiences.

During the training course you'll learn how to:

  • Get your colleagues and/or clients to love you
    Learn how to build trust in those around you and inspire your superiors. We'll teach and practice basic persuasion techniques so you can influence product teams and senior stakeholders, as well as being flexible yourself and understanding other people's points of view
  • Facilitation techniques
    Being able to bring people together and facilitate is key to working through key design issues. You'll learn some practical tips on how to master the facilitation skills necessary to run successful workshops
  • Conflict resolution
    You'll practice lots of practical techniques for removing obstacles to your work and resolving conflict in an amicable way
  • Be great at presenting
    Learn how to package your design work for presentation and how to sell the important features. Understand how to structure a great presentation, get practical advice for presentation delivery and try out your new skills
  • Give and receive feedback
    Stop taking critique of your work personally. We'll show you how to give and receive structured feedback so that your ways of working become more collaborative and you don't end up with countless amends

Listen to your trainer, Andy, tell you all about the course

01min 41secs

What will you learn?


  • What makes a good team member?
  • How to inspire your colleagues and senior stakeholders
  • The power of saying 'no'
  • How to show empathy to others
  • Making sure you can be adaptable


  • Grow influence within your organisation
  • Get design a seat at the table
  • Techniques for influencing senior stakeholders
  • Basic persuasion and negotiation techniques
  • How to engage the wider organisation


  • Improve your facilitation techniques
  • How to structure a workshop
  • How to overcome common workshop issues
  • Dealing with obnoxious personalities
  • Conflict resolution and finding a way forward?
  • Skills to deliver impactful presentations
  • Find your presentation style
  • How to present design work
  • How to give and receive critique
  • The power of clear communication

Meet Andy Ingle, your trainer

Andy has over 15 years' experience in digital and user experience design. He's an expert in developing products based on user research and business requirements, and helping our clients understand the rationale behind our design and strategy decisions.

A UX veteran, Andy has led projects for to reinvent the price comparison experience, and Virgin Trains East Coast to completely overhaul their customer experience strategy.

Andy is one of our most experienced trainers and loves to share his passion for all things UX, along with his many project stories and insights.

Is this the right course for you?

This course is particularly suitable if you are:

  • A brand-side designer that needs to collaborate within product teams and influence product managers
  • An agency-side designer that works with clients and has to sell in your designs to stakeholders?
  • A design leader that needs to inspire and support designers?
  • A manager or product lead with design resource in your team

Bespoke training tailored to your needs

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