Web writing training course

Spinning the web

Our hands-on web writing training breaks the online copywriting and content design process into practical, bite-sized chunks to help you design and create content that keeps web readers on your sites.

This small, highly interactive class is taught by experienced web content producers using real-world examples.?During the course you'll learn:

  • To make every web word count
    For content that hits the spot, you need to know why you're putting it online in the first place and why your users would want to read it
  • How audiences read web pages
    Understand how web readers interact with digital content (including on mobile), how they scan, skim and scroll through text and what this says about how well your pages will perform (ever wondered about your high bounce rates?)
  • Which structures work best for how we read web copy
    Exercises and examples will guide you through designing content and writing user-friendly web text for headings/sub-headings, links, calls-to-action and more
  • Tips and techniques for writing concisely
    Web readers don't want to waste their time with unnecessary text so learn how to use plain English and tighten your copy
  • What keywords really are and what we mean by 'natural search'
    Using the techniques learned during the day will automatically make your content easier to find on search engines
  • Why writing for social media needs a different approach
    You'll practice taking news or information text and creating shareable content

Listen to your trainer, Felice, tell you all about the course

01min 39secs

What will you learn?


  • Set goals for your content
  • Identify your audience
  • Recognise web reading habits
  • Web vs print reading
  • What eye tracking / gaze plots tell us?
  • Scan, skim and scroll
  • Organise web page elements
  • Inverted pyramid
  • Writing for user needs
  • Show, not tell
  • Web treasure hunt


  • Tips for writing Plain English
  • Avoiding value judgement words
  • How to say what you mean
  • Headings/sub-headings
  • Lists, links and calls-to-action
  • Standfirsts - explain the page
  • Front-load and tighten text in body copy
  • How people will find your web page
  • Choose and use real keywords
  • How writing changes for social media
  • Writing shareable headlines

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Is this the right course for you?

This course is particularly suitable if you are:

  • New to web writing or have some experience and would like a refresher and to gain some formal training
  • Working in an environment where you have inherited web duties or you work in a marketing, IT, web writing or communications function
  • Looking to empower employees to write and contribute to your digital content

Meet Felice Hawley, your trainer

Felice is a journalist and editor who began web-based writing after 16 years at CNN. Felice has led large web launch and content migration projects across numerous sectors including government, financial services and IT.

She spends most of her days working with clients on large- and medium-sized projects to create content strategies, draft tone-of-voice guidelines and craft amazing copy. She can often be found trying to bridge the gap between clients' editorial/commercial teams and IT departments.

Felice is an incredibly experienced trainer and her enthusiasm for all things content is unbelievably infectious... as you'll find out if you attend one of her courses.

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Who is our training for?

  • Individuals who want to learn in interactive classroom sessions

  • Teams to have bespoke training tailored to your needs

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